23,October ,Crolin Global Trading Group,as a world-renowned importer&exporter and e-commerce operator,officially announced the launch of a student entrepreneurship program to help more innovative college students who are facing financial difficulties。

With the support of the student capital, college students' research on technology and software applications will be much more early to be translated into practical results.

According to an Insights Report from the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, more than 1,500 universities offer some form of entrepreneurial resources, an increase of 120% in the last five years.

Mr. Miller, the chief financial officer of the fund ,said that CGT student entrepreneurship fund will be used to encourage university students in more than 10 countries around the world to start businesses. If the college students who have a promising idea for entrepreneurship, CGT will help them start and run their concepts and translate them into concrete business results at a faster speed.

With the help of the CGT ,students receive more than just funding. Their ideas are bolstered by additional resources that include entrepreneurial mentors, professional service providers, networking opportunities, and other tools and activities. andThis business model of cooperation between enterprises and universities has become an ordinary way to success.

In the next two years, CGT will invest an initial $20 million in funding for the launch of twelve college student incubator projects in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom such as UCSD, UVic, and University of Exeter, and will also have excellent innovations in these schools Competent students and college student projects provide financial sponsorship.

Cronin Global Trading will reportedly continue to cooperate with the universities in India, Brazil and other countries in different forms of student entrepreneurship projects, in order to inspire the young people discovering more and better business modelsduring the pandemic,to help restore the local economy.

In addition, the success of CGT in the field of social investment is also worth our attention. Over the past few years, the CGT Investment Fund has invested in 15 startup companies with its unique vision and has made great returns. "OrderGrab",a popular online money making APP in Europe and the United States, is one of them.

"Given the success of OrderGrab, in the European and American markets during the pandemic, we are starting to become more aware that young people are among the first to adopt new popular apps and create new business trends, they have unlimited potential and imagination.No one wants to miss out on the next Facebook or Tiktok "